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A Brief History  

The concept of a Lodge of Research evolved over a period of years. Brother David P. Craig had painted murals and panels in several Lodges; a wall mural in his own Mother Lodge, Lindores Number 106, both a ceiling panel and a wall mural in Lodge Forfar and Kincardine, Number 225 and later in Lodge Camperdown, Number 317 three panels encompassing the whole range of Masonic Symbolism. Brother Craig also photographed the murals, in slide form, with a view to giving lectures on the symbolism contained in the panels and was soon requested by Lodges to address them on the various aspects of Masonry contained in the panels. He asked Brethren to accompany him in order that the discourse could be taken up by several voices during the course of the lecture.

It soon became apparent due to the discussions taking place within the group that there was perhaps, hopefully, a need for a Lodge of Research in the area and the members of the group resolved to to erect one. We had several preliminary meetings and formed a steering committee consisting of Kenneth G. Chisholm, David P. Craig, Peter S. Moir, John G. McLeish, (Acting Recorder), and at a later date, A. Campbell Gow, (Treasurer). We then called a meeting of all those whom we thought would be interested in founding a new Lodge which was held on the 22nd of September 1989.

A detailed discussion ensued at this meeting at which 38 Brethren attended and the main points discussed were:

1.The formation of a new Lodge or reponing Sir Charles Napier Number 1064.

2. The detailed cost financing a new Lodge

Lodge premises, furniture, meetings etc.

Further meetings were held on 23rd March 1990, 15th June 1990, 22nd February, 1991 and 29th March 1991, culminating in the Erection and Consecration of the Lodge on Saturday the 4th May 1991. Copies of the notice of meetings, minutes, order of service are all held by the Secretary in a separate bound book.